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Nicolette Minster is a Melbourne based comedian and writer, best known for her work as a cast member and writer on KINNE Tonight (Network Ten) and Sammy J (ABC). She holds a BA Acting from Federation University, on the Goldfields of Ballarat and a BA Actor Musicianship (1st Class Honours) from Rose Bruford College, London, where she was awarded the Lillian Bayliss Award (The Old Vic, London). Bruford was made famous for having Gary Oldman as alumni and being in close proximity to a pub where a featured extra from Harry Potter was stabbed.


From child actor with credits on Neighbours, Evil Angles (with Meryl Streep and Sam Neill) and cult classic Lift Off it’s been an understandably steady decline from there. 


Nicolette writes for TV and film mainly. Her recent broadcast writing credits include Larry the Wonderpup (WTFN/Seven Network), The Legend of Burnout Barry (ABCme), The Wonder Gang (ABC Kids) and Erinsborough High (Channel 5 UK).  Nicolette co-wrote psychological thriller feature “The Girl at the Window” which stars Radha Mitchell and Vince Colosimo, directed by Mark Hartley released theatrically in 2022. 


Thanks to science, Nicolette has a beautiful kid who she shares with her Husband Nick. Nick loves playing indoor soccer but doesn’t have the knees for it. They share a house with Dorothy Michaels who is a big cat in a small cat’s body named after Dustin Hoffman’s character in Tootsie. Nicolette has recently discovered lap swimming and has a new undercut that she's starting to regret. 


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