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In the words of Johnny Cash, "I've been everywhere, man". A child actor and terrible netballer (only ever in it for the half time citrus), I trained as an actor on the Goldfields of Regional Victoria, and in the outskirts of London at a drama school made famous by Gary Oldman - and it's close proximity to a pub where a featured extra from Harry Potter was once stabbed. 

Somehow these events have led to a career in comedy with on screen credits that include Mr. Black, Back in Very Small Business, Wizards of Aus and Sammy J and KINNE Tonight. Writing credits include Larry the Wonderpup, E-High, The Legend of Burnout Barry and feature film Girl at the Window, due for Australian theatrical release in August 2022.



The Girl at the Window, a psychological thriller starring Radha Mitchell, Ella Newton & Vince Colosimo is currently in production in Melbourne. Co-written by Nicolette, her debut feature is directed by Mark Hartley (Patrick) and involves a lot of fake blood.



February 27, 2020

Screen Australia has announced almost $750,000 of Story Development funding for 9 feature films, 11 television series and 2 online projects, including LateNite Films TV Dark Comedy "V".

Writers Nicolette Minster, Jacklyn Bassanelli, Nick Musgrove, Anna Barnes

Producers Nicolette Minster, Nicholas Colla
Synopsis A forgettable introvert discovers that a popular augmented reality game, in her hands, can kill people. Charged with the power to help women in trouble, she reluctantly reinvents herself as a vigilante.

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September 21, 2019

Screen Australia has announced the finalists of the first ever Pitcher Perfect competition, which will be held at VidCon in Melbourne this Friday 20 September. We're finalists! Nick Colla and I, on behalf of LateNite Films will pitch our project V.

V: A 8 x 12 minute dark comedy centred on forgettable introvert Virginia, who discovers that the popular augmented reality game “V”, in her hands, can kill people. Finding herself charged with the power to help women in trouble, pacifist Virginia reluctantly reinvents herself as a vigilante. But as she strikes fear into men, with little consequence, she begins to question if her actions are just as despicable as her victims.



september 6. 2019.

I've been busy as a storyliner and writing episode one of Neighbours brand new spinoff centred on Erinsborough High.

Titled Neighbours: Erinsborough High, the five-part series is Channel 5's first ever specially commissioned spinoff of the Australian soap and will launch exclusively for UK viewers on VOD service My5 in November.

Neighbours: Erinsborough High will explore issues such as bullying, mental illness, sexuality, cultural diversity, and parental and peer pressure, as the disappearance of one Year 12 student during exam period leads to several revelations coming out.



june 17. 2019.

Three Aussie creatives have been selected for ABC and Screen Australia’s DisRupted program, with each receiving funding to make a short film that reflects what it’s like to live with a disability from a child’s point-of-view.

The Legend of Burnout Barry tells the story of one teenager becomes so obsessed with being a record holder that he risks losing his friends and his life. Created by Nicholas Colla and Nicolette Minster, from an original idea by Isaac Elliot, the film is produced by Australia’s LateNite Films.

The films will debut on December 3, the International Day of People with Disabilities, on free-to-air kids channel ABC ME and the ABC ME app.



may 19. 2019.

I'm super chuffed to have been a part of the KINNE Tonight team. Catch me, a slew of very talented people alongside Australia's Troy Kinne (pronounced Kin-ee, don't let me hear you get it wrong) on Monday May 27th at 9:30pm on 10. And then TenPlay one would assume.

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